Red River Lodge

Red River Lodge

($30 per person, per night)

Sleeps 30

includes 2 small kitchens          

Room Capacity  

Room 1 (10 beds): 4 bunks, 2 twins

Room 2   (10 beds): 4 bunks, 2 twins

Room 3 (10 beds): 3 bunks, 4 twins

This fully renovated dorm contains 3 areas joined by locking doors that can separate the spaces, if necessary. Each area features a meeting/living room at the front of the building and a sleeping room at the rear. The sleeping areas contain a combination of bunk beds and twin beds, which total 30 sleeping spaces overall. Each sleeping area includes a communal bathroom with shower. There are 2 small kitchens in this lodge, which contain full refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves.