Families Finding Their Rhythm

A warm summer breeze plays a gentle melody with the chimes hanging on the front porch. Porch lights are beginning to glow, calling the family to gather around the dinner table, each one eager to share an event of the day. Soon, the buzzing of cicada’s will be occasionally washed over by the waves of laughter shared around the same table as dad finishes another glass of sweet tea. As dinner winds down, dad will help the kids finish up the dishes and everyone will make their way to the back porch to listen to the melodies of cicada and bull frogs as the fireflies dance in the distance. The family will rest in a comfortable silence that keeps rhythm with their beating hearts.




Another scorcher is dying slowly in this southern town. It feels like someone put an asphalt parking lot at the base of a volcano. The door slams behind him as the kids rush in and drop their bags and backpacks in the hallway. Dad moves to the kitchen to put the plastic bag of food on the counter, grabs a couple of nondescript items for himself and declares dinner is served. Mom glances up from a puzzle on her screen and offers an utter of thanks. The kids each sort through the bag making various noises and then retreat to their rooms with food and phones. Each member of the family spends the evening engrossed in their chosen endeavor that includes streaming entertainment or some other means of digital interactions.


These are two very different figurative reflections in a mirror of our culture.

Our families have been under attack for some time now. It’s time for a change.


Family Camp is a great way to find your way back to a rhythm that promotes strong, healthy families. Parents battle demanding schedules and a cacophony of distractions from the world.

It is time to break away and realize that our choices dictate the rhythm by which we will move in this world. We are the standard bearers for biblical values that will be instilled in our children.


Lake Lavon Camp staff develops programs to equip believers to face the world with confidence and the security of knowing Christ. We encourage all families to take the time to find the rhythm God has established for them. Share the peace that is beyond understanding with the next generation. 


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