Herding Cats

Youth ministry can be like herding cats while working a rubik's cube with strobe lights surrounding you. The noise of this world tries to engulf you and your students to distract you. We speak to youth leaders all over the state and ask them about their challenges. The near unanimous response is schedule. Todays student is typically over scheduled, stressed and anxiety ridden.

As we analyze our role as a resource for churches and their leaders, we work to provide events and activities that directly address the issues and concerns of todays student and their leaders. Our activities are exciting and engaging while embedding messages that reinforce biblical truths. 

Todays student needs to be equipped to defeat anxiety and social pressures that can lead to a myriad of concerns. There is a different pace here on the shores of Lake Lavon Camp. A pace that engages students and removes the outside noise of the world.

An example would be an adventure race/puzzle designed to engage an entire group, requiring critical thinking and social skills to navigate. Upon completion, trained facilitators walk the group through the success and failings of the group and tie them into biblical wisdom. Events such as these provide a valuable experience that leaders can reflect upon throughout the year as they continue to build their groups.

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