Covid-19 Response

The use of words and phrases such as uncertain times, unprecedented,
new normal are permeating just about every report and conversation we
hear these days. We are choosing to lean into the Word and rely upon
God’s promise and hope.
We are planning on having the most powerful, inspiring camping season
ever. We are thanking God in confidence for the harvest of salvations that
He will bring forth this summer through this ministry. Please join us and
view our current situation as an opportunity to model faith in action for a
generation that is battling a culture filled with anxiety and confusing
Our message is clear and simple; We serve an awesome God, Creator of
all and we know His plan is perfect. We move forward in humble
Please let us know how we can be praying for you and your ministries.
In Christ,
Gary Sirkel
Executive Director
Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center