Statement of Faith



∙ To lead the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ 

∙ For evangelical churches to provide Christian education, service, leadership training and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and sexes, 

∙ To promote missions and stewardship and, 

∙ To magnify the calling out of those whom God has called, 

∙ To provide a setting which magnifies the creative work of God.

Statement of Faith 

∙ We believe that the Bible is the holy and inspired Word of God and that it is of supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. We believe the teachings of the Bible are relevant to people today and serve as the authoritative guide for life and ministry. 

∙ We believe that salvation is a gift of God through faith in His only Son, Jesus Christ. 

∙ We value every person and desire to love people as Christ loves us and to serve others in Jesus’ name. 

∙ For a more complete statement of our beliefs please see The Baptist Faith and Message, 2019. 

Statement of Purpose 

Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center (LLCCC) exists primarily for the purpose of providing an environment conducive to Christian worship, training, discipleship, evangelism, and recreation for the churches in our sponsoring organizations as well as other Southern Baptist Associations and areas. LLCCC encourages the use of its facilities and properties by other Christian groups, denominational agencies, and collegiate organizations whose purposes and objectives are compatible with our statement of faith. 

At the discretion of the Administrator, LLCCC allows non-profit groups, schools, and service organizations who agree to observe the rules and policies of LLCCC to use its facilities. 

Conduct Expectations 

Any and all people who use LLCCC facilities must conduct themselves in a manner that faithfully reflects our complete statement of faith. In keeping with the purpose of LLCCC, the Executive Director has the authority to schedule or refuse the use of LLCCC facilities to any person or group. The Executive Director also has the authority to ask any person or group to vacate the facility. For further information on specific policies, please contact the LLCCC office.