More to Camp…More to Christ!

A Note From Our Director

I don’t know of a more effective ministry than that of Summer Camp, that will enable people to hear from and respond to Jesus Christ’s good news! Many years ago, the Christian camping ministry was started by our Church forefathers partly because they saw where Jesus gave us examples of this in the Word. Often, after great ministry times of healing, preaching and teaching, Jesus would escape to a quiet place (go to camp!) with His disciples to rest, teach and love on them! There is something very powerful about leaving behind the “noise” of our busy and distracting lives with the intention of seeking and hearing from the Lord for several days. “When a young person is saturated all day with the good news of Jesus Christ, being loved on by Christian leaders, in the midst of God’s natural beauty and sanctified Camp grounds, lives will be changed, you can guarantee it!” And this is the core philosophy of my Camp Ministry. I strongly encourage Christians to follow Christ’s example and “retreat” several times a year, personally and with your family and Church. Our staff prays for and “expects” God to change lives every week at Camp! It’s an exciting vocation to have the pleasure of working in.

We are in the midst of great change at Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center. At the heart of this change is to radically restore the Summer Camp Ministry, build facilities that enhance the camp experience and produce some of the best Summer Camp weeks in Texas! This year God has done amazing things to just bring us to this point! He has miraculously provided funds and resources to pay off fines and debt, repair equipment, and build and repair some great new camp facilities and recreation. We have a long way to go to reach my vision of what this camp can (will) be, but I’m amazed at what He has provided in so little time! And I can’t wait to see what God does the weeks of “The Lakes Youth Camp, The Lakes Pre-Teen Camp, and The Lakes RA / GA Camp”! I look forward to spending a great week with you!

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